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EPISoDe 4 - miDwiNTER feASt

TFA - 0104 - Episode Cover.jpg


 A boy becomes a man, a man becomes a knight, and a struggling family finds some Midwinter cheer.

"Enokiknights (pt I)" (19min)

"Enokiknights (pt II)" (20min)

"Midwinter Feast" (15min)

“Tales From Apocrypha” Episode 4 - Midwinter Feast - 12/21/2022


Created by - Shane Brockway

Produced by - Mary Englehart & Shane Brockway


Welcome to Apocrypha


 Written by - Mary Englehart & Shane Brockway

 Performed by - Mary Englehart

 Edited by - Mary Englehart

 Music - 

            “A Cold Wind” 

                        Composed by - Savvun


The Enokiknights” (pt I)19min, (ptII) 20min


Written by - Mary Englehart

Script by - Shane Brockway

Performed by - Shane Brockway, Cody Duarte,

Mary Englehart, Mike Wiener

Edited by - Shane Brockway

Music -

“       Reflection Pool” 

               Composed by - Jon Björk

“       Hymn for the Brave”

               Composed by - Miles Avida

“       As the Pages Turn” 

               Composed by - Heath Cantu

“       Work Undone” 

               Composed by - Pearce Roswell

“       The Melancholy Waltz”

               Composed by - Howard Harper-Barnes

“       Moments of Clarity” 

               Composed by - Jon Björk

“       As Loch Awe Weeps” 

               Composed by - Deskant

“       Sparring Partner” 

               Composed by - Jon Björk

“       Castle Gate”

               Composed by - Jon Algar

       “I Will Be Your Knight” 

               Composed by - Johannes Bornlöf


 Music and sound effects thanks to

Midwinter Feast” 15min

Written by - Mary Englehart
Performed by - Mary Englehart, Joey Pettine, & Shane Brockway
   Edited by - Mary Englehart
   Music -
“        Vinter” 
            Composed by - Myrkur



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