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“Tales From ApocrYpha” is a fantasy horror anthology podcast you can find on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple, Google, and more).  The world of Apocrypha is a world full of all the creative themes I love:  barbarity, tribalism, cannibalism, false prophets, daemons, monsters, dark powers calling out to be heard, and those who heed the calls. 


But that is just half of the Apocrypha project. We launched a Kickstarter campaign for the first wave of miniatures inspired by and based on the characters and creatures from “Tales From ApocrYpha” Season One. This range will expand as the podcast explores the stories from this ruined place, with the next wave launching later this summer.


About 7he Blindman

I have a career in commissioned miniatures and film/television (Most notably converting Vecna Ascended for Critical Role, and being the Lead Miniature painter for College Humor's Dimension 20) as well as smaller scale miniature projects and commissions at 7he_Blindman on instagram. "Tales From Apocrypha" is my first step into building my own, from-scratch IP and expanding that world into a larger mixed media form. 

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